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Areas You Should Consider before Applying for an MBA

MBA is one of the prominent career choice options for students from multiple disciplines. It has been a prestigious program for anyone looking to enter into an ocean of opportunities. MBA is not just a management degree; it also provides the hands-on knowledge to operate in any good business foundation or work at any major […]

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PGDM vs. MBA – What is the Wise Choice?

With the growth of corporate culture and entrepreneurship in India, the number of students opting for management studies has elevated and so has the institutes offering postgraduate courses in management. However, students are still unclear whether they should choose an MBA or PGDM/PGPM. The bigger ambiguity is, students, nowadays know very less about these courses, […]

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The Cost of Commuting to Work

In today’s high paced world, the aspect of commuting plays a very important role in job searches and career selections. The time taken and the money involved in commuting to work, plays a significant role in deciding whether a job is desirable or not. Many people while looking to buy a house prefers to live […]

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The Blue Ocean Strategy – Venturing into Virgin Markets

Over years companies have taken bold strategic moves to dwell into the market, create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant. How do they do it? What strategy do they adopt? Consider the remarkable strategic moves made by two corporate giants: 1) Ford Motor Co. In the 18th Century, the automobile industry was in […]

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