Areas You Should Consider before Applying for an MBA

MBA is one of the prominent career choice options for students from multiple disciplines. It has been a prestigious program for anyone looking to enter into an ocean of opportunities. MBA is not just a management degree; it also provides the hands-on knowledge to operate in any good business foundation or work at any major organization. However, setting up professional goals is the primary step before one proceeds to apply for an MBA.

There are various areas that need consideration before applying for an MBA, some of the most important ones are as follows-

Why MBA?

One should first figure out why he wants to pursue an MBA. It is very important to set a goal for oneself, decide on the choice of area of work. It is very important to figure out what kind of position or sector of work is preferred. Business schools are an avenue for multiple opportunities and unless a general area of interest is developed, it is very difficult to understand which opportunity to hold onto.

How to apply for MBA?

The second most important thing to consider is familiarity with the application process for an MBA. The process of applying for an MBA is not a draining process, but it requires one to be a good decision maker while choosing the top MBA institutes. All the more a candidate needs to prepare himself for the entrance exams for MBA first. There are institutes that have their own autonomous entrance examinations for candidates. Candidates willing to opt for an MBA in India are required to register themselves for relevant MBA entrance exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, NMAT, SNAP. Apart from these, there are various institute-specific entrance tests both for candidates with or without entrance scores. The scores mostly determine admission into the business schools. On the contrary, if one is willing to take up MBA abroad, one needs to appear for the GMAT entrance test. The score of this test plays a vital role in the process. Apart from this one needs to apply for TOEFL [English language proficiency score]. The other things required are work experience and recommendation letters from previous academic institutes and places of work.

What are the benefits of an MBA that would enhance your future?

  • MBA is a gateway to tons of opportunities. The Finance and Consulting sector is the lion sector, where an MBA gets the largest share of openings. The IT sector is the second important sector that employs MBAs in positions like Business Development Officer, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Marketing Managers, The next most popular and cash-rich sector that recruits an MBA is the Consumer Product based industry (FMGC). The Logistics and Supply Chain that presently forms the backbone of core sectors in the present era provides great opportunities to MBAs. The Healthcare sector deserves a mention because both Pharma and Hospital sector provides huge opportunities to MBAs. Manufacturing and Production companies form an important area of work for MBAs, it is said that manufacturing companies approximately contribute 16% of the GDP. Lastly, mention must be made of Media Industry, though it primarily runs on creativity. TV, radio channels, advertising agencies, media houses, PR agencies, other primary media companies use MBAs to channel creativity in an organized, profitable, and impactful manner.
  • Earning an MBA makes one aware of the global market and economy.
  • Effective communication is a fundamental skill for a successful professional career. MBA is one of the degrees, that help in verbal and written communication skills, allowing one to convey ideas and concepts at different levels.
  • MBA makes a student part of the global market, opening access to professionals around various sectors, to build up bonds beyond the classroom and boardroom.
  • An MBA comes with challenging extracurricular. MBA teaches a student to manage time effectively, which is not an employment skill, but rather a life skill to manage professional and personal pursuits in an abled way.

Management Education at Globsyn

Staying true to its legacy of 20 years, Globsyn Business School (GBS) has become a globally relevant and sustainable brand in the education sector. With its core rooted in technology, coupled with its philosophy of learning ‘Beyond Education’, GBS fuses Experiential Learning into its curriculum that shapes young minds into ‘industry relevant managers’ of the 21st century corporate world.

Globsyn’s up market Post Graduate Programme in Management – International Business (PGPM+MBA – IB) in partnership with Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST), students pursuing this course will be exposed to a global management education experience with classes by international faculty. The course has been designed to impart students with a learning experience that would expose them to dedicated sessions covering global case studies.The course is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia and also have the approval of the Association of Indian Universities. The course harbours global ambitions in students and they see themselves as an integral part of the global corporate environment, irrespective of the geography they will be working in.

Globsyn’s two-year full-time Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is equivalent to MBA programs offered by leading management institutions. Designed for the academically consistent student, the AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programme provides for strong curriculum based learning and an Indian MBA experience coupled with a wide area of study.The PGDM programme has been structured to help students prepare either for fast track corporate management AICTE approved careers, or pursue further academic studies either in India or abroad and go on to either contribute towards research and development of the management sciences, or join the academic community, or pursue their entrepreneurial vision.

In order to apply to Globsyn one needs to be a graduate from a recognised nationally accredited university or institute, and he needs to have a valid CAT/MAT/XAT/ATMA/etc score. Based on the two a candidate is determined to be taken to further rounds of admission, which includes Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

Some of the salient features of PGDM and PGPM-IB + MBA are:


  • 2 Years’ Full Time PGPM-IB Programme
  • Partnership with Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST)
  • Offers MBA with specialisation in International Business
  • Global Management Education Experience
  • Classes by International Faculty


  • AICTE Approved 2 Years’ Full Time PGDM Programme
  • Blended Learning Pedagogy Integrated Curriculum
  • Amalgamation of Technology and Education
  • Industry Connect Sessions and Experiential Learning
  • Prepares ‘Industry Relevant Managers’ for the 21st Century Corporate World

Globsyn Business School has become India’s leading AICTE approved B-School to offer its diplomas on a Secure Certification Platform – making it among the very few to have taken this disruptive step globally. With its core rooted in technology, GBS is researching ways to integrate reality technologies to fill gaps in experiential learning pedagogy of its Hybrid Delivery Model. These modifications are expected to come into play in the coming years, this will alleviate the learning experience of the students considerably.

If MBA is the program one desires to pursue, it should be understood that it comes in a package and requires adequate consideration. Completion of an MBA from a top institute like Globsyn Business School opens the door to lifelong opportunities.



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