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About GBS

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Our Vision

To build an education edifice, where young men & women have freedom to excel, fulfill their career aspirations through a globally networked, corporate savvy, research driven management education system.

Our Mission

To enable transform young minds to become managerial leaders with integrity and human values through innovation, research, technology and global networking to take them to the next level.

Core Values

Through the following core values, we believe that ordinary people can do extra ordinary things…

  • Discipline & Commitment
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • High Aspiration
  • Strong Ethics


campus of best mba institute in kolkataToday Globsyn Business School – the top MBA institute in Kolkata, has uniquely positioned itself as India’s only ‘Corporate B-School’, drawing from the strength and diversity of the fast evolving global corporate world. The new economy background of the school makes it one of the most forward thinking institutions in India today. With an edifice built on Innovation, Research and Technology, coupled with unique initiatives in the form of ‘Knowledge Connect‘ and ‘Corporate Connect‘, Globsyn is well on its path to creating a truly globally networked, corporate savvy, research driven management education system which moves beyond traditional forms of management knowledge dissemination to a research based delivery framework to create ‘Industry Relevant Managers’ – an agile group of professionals equipped to operate in today’s technology driven business environment.


Shaping Minds for today’s world…

Studying at Globsyn Business School is a life changing experience. With emphasis on intellectual discovery and critical thinking, our students are provided an environment for both intellectual discourse and experiencing corporate life. Our faculty are discoverers and teacher-scholars not content with asking easy questions but constantly engaging the learner community to pursue academic and careers goals with the rigour that it deserves.

As a result of that over the years, more than 350 organisations have absorbed our students, both during final placement and summer internship seasons. Our students have earned rich accolades for their achievements and a large number of them are star performers within their organisations. With such consistence performance in last 15+ years Globsyn Business School is considered not only the top MBA institute in Kolkata but regarded as one of the premiere business school in Eastern India.

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