Globsyn Alumni Mentorship Program (GAMP)

In an attempt to acquaint young managers with the essence of corporate outlook, make them industry-relevant and prepare them for final placement interviews, Globsyn Business School (GBS) has designed the Globsyn Alumni Mentorship Program (GAMP), bringing in alumni from across batches to share their experiences, domain expertise and tell the students how the B-School has helped them by providing a perfect stepping stone for their corporate career.

As a mentor, these alumni will be responsible to make the students more aware of what the industry is expecting from them, inspire them to give their best during the final placement interviews, and guide them with their real-life industry experience. Spread across several sessions, each mentor is supposed to speak on a particular topic, which would help the students in enhancing their employability skills.

Program Goals

  • Industry Readiness: The Globsyn Alumni Mentoring Program helps the students become more ‘industry-relevant’ by guiding them into being better leaders
  • Holistic Development: The Globsyn Alumni Mentoring Program encourages the students to understand the importance of education, and helps them to build their confidence.
  • Academic Performance and Excellence: The Globsyn Alumni Mentoring Program explains the importance of academics to the students, and the approach they should harbor towards it.

Recent GAMP Sessions

Campus to Corporate: Do's and Don'ts

Mr. Kedarnath Mukherjee
General Manager
Head of Learning & Development
Arohan Financial Services Ltd.
Kolkata, India

GBS Alumni
Batch 2004-06

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI)

Mr. Amit Dey
Talent Acquisition and Workforce Staffing Lead – East
Kolkata, India

GBS Alumni
Batch 2004-06

Importance of Change – Adaptability in a Dynamic Market

Mr. Sayantan Sanyal
Zonal Marketing Manager
Kolkata, India

GBS Alumni
Batch 2005-07

Navigating a Career Path in Banking

Mr. Rakesh Banerjee
Chief Manager
State Bank of India
Kolkata, India

GBS Alumni
Batch 2007-09

The Power of Branding in Consumer Marketing

Shaila (Binaykia) Bothra
Consumer Marketing Lead
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
Mumbai, India

GBS Alumni
Batch 2003-05

Risk Management in the Banking Sector

Zeeshan Furrukh
Head Treasury Operations
Bank of Baroda
London, United Kingdom

GBS Alumni
Batch 2007-09