Boardroom Simulation

Boardroom Simulation is a new addition to Globsyn Business School’s ‘learner-centric’ pedagogy, which emphasizes on experiential and case-based teaching methodologies. In this exercise, students of GBS assume the different senior management roles of an organization, with a representative from the industry playing the role of the ‘Chairman’ of the ‘board’ that is tasked upon to solve simulated business crisis situations within the next 2 months. During this period the students, mentored by a faculty of the B-School, conducts extensive researches and finally present a solution to the ‘Chairman’, who either modifies or implements this in their organisation.

These activities will help students imbibe leadership and intrapreneurial skills, become dedicated and compassionate managers and be technologically bent, which will make them truly ‘ready’ and ‘relevant’ for the current industry.