Beyond Education

With an edifice built on Innovation, Research and Technology, coupled with its philosophy of learning ‘Beyond Education’, Globsyn is well on its path to create a globally networked, corporate savvy, research driven management education system which moves beyond traditional forms of management knowledge dissemination to a research based delivery framework to create ‘Industry Relevant Managers’ – an agile group of professionals equipped to operate in today’s technology driven business environment.

Learning Beyond Education – The Best Practices of GBS

Globsyn Business School believes in ‘Learning Beyond Education’. And, it is through elements like Globsyn Annual Lecture Series, Globsyn Management Conference, Globsyn Alumni Engage, Embryon, Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum and Serendipity that we spread the concept of ‘Beyond Education’ among our stakeholders. These best practices are designed to impact every important stakeholders of the school – students, alumni, academicians.

Having seen the participation of eminent stalwarts from various industries like Narayana Murthy (Founder, Infosys), Rajendra Pawar (Co-Founder, NIIT), Sharu Rangnekar (Renowned Management Consultant), Chandrasekhar Ghosh (Founder, Bandhan Bank) and Hemant Kanoria (Chairman and Managing Director, SREI), Globsyn Annual Lecture Series has today become a signature event in Kolkata, drawing large audiences across the industry and has contributed to the strengthening of brand Globsyn among corporates.

Globsyn Management Conference is aimed at promoting academic discourse and camaraderie among the faculty of post graduate management education, through its Vision Seminar, Research Seminar and EBSCO enlisted Globsyn Management Journal.

This platform is conceptualized for the academic community and witnesses the participation of the best minds of management education and corporates from across the country. This is achieved by presenting conceptually sound and methodologically rigorous seminars, which provide insights and advance knowledge on managerial, business and organisation issues.

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The Globsyn Alumni Engage (GAE) initiative attempts to connect with the 3000+ GBS alumni at a personal level and involve them in every aspect of its functioning as a B-school, thus making them active participants in the evolution of their alma mater and fellow students. These alumni have earned rich accolades for their achievements and a large number of them are star performers within their organisations and are proudly carrying the GBS flag to all corners of the globe.

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Globsyn Business School motivates students to use their theoretical knowledge, thoughts and imagination in formulating feasible business plans during their course of study. ‘Embryon’ – the entrepreneurship cell of Globsyn Business School, incubates these ideas and provides students the platforms to showcase their business plans to an independent expert panel comprising of industry veterans, whose inputs help shape the ideas into successful ventures.

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Formed by the students of Globsyn Business School, Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum (KYLF) help the young minds to imbibe the practice of selfless social work as an integral part of their lives, while internalizing humane skills necessary to become complete managers. The ‘Care for Society’ initiative provides an opportunity to students to contribute towards the betterment of society as well as develop themselves as dedicated & compassionate managers and better human beings.

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Conceptualized as a ‘live project’ for students, Serendipity replicates a real organization with dedicated teams for Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, etc., who are given the task of running a successful business venture of designing and organizing a multi-day large format event. The two-day event is designed with the first day being dedicated to inter-school competitions, whereas on the second day students put together a cultural show followed by dinner, hosted for their parents, faculty and other guests.

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