Business and Sustainable Development

Today, on one side, the industry is faced with enormous opportunities poised by the rise in the aspirations and disposable incomes of around 4.5 billion middle-class population spanning BRICS nations; while on the other side we are facing businesses that do not have the potential to become resilient to change. Change is engulfing us like never before; older paradigms are fast outfacing newer ones. For the business community, sustainability is more than mere window-dressing. By adopting sustainable practices, companies can gain competitive edge, increase their market share, and boost shareholder value. What’s more, the growing demand for ‘green’ products has created major new markets in which sharp-eyed eco-entrepreneurs are reaping rewards. Survival of the fittest has long become extinct, and survival of the most innovative is slowly giving way to an emerging paradigm – ‘survival of the most adaptable and sustainable’. At the business forefront, challenges are abound boundaries between industries are falling leading to convergence, product life-cycles are increasingly becoming shorter, technologies are proliferating in a flat world, innovations disrupting existing industries and a lot more. In this new era the future will belong to those who can manage change and incorporate the principle of sustainability seamlessly across boundaries.

Keeping this underlying theme in mind, Research Seminar 2018 invited papers from academicians, researchers, industry practitioners to present their research findings on the Business and Sustainable Development.

The Seminar aimed to create awareness on implementation of best practices in organizations. Research Seminar 2018 endeavored to create a wider reach and network between the industry and the academia. This Seminar provided a unique platform to an eclectic blend of young and experienced researchers from the academics and industry to present their research articles and case studies on the relevant issues of Management pertaining to diverse domains.

Tapas Bhattacharya and Dr. P. Chellasamy — Factors Affecting ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Package Application for Indian Power Discoms & post implementation Performance Analysis

Debaprasad Chattopadhyay, Debanjana Deb Biswas and Saswati — A New Look at HR Analytics

Dr. Kishore Kumar Das and Dr. Soumendra Kumar — Measurement and Validity of Brand Personality: A Study on famous toothpaste Brand of India

Sonal Mishra and Dr. Kirti R Swain — Mobile Payment System by Merchants in an Indian Context: A Study on Kolkata City

Dr. Subeer Banerjee, Shaifali Chauhan and Dr Richa Banerjee — Impact of Brand Image on Consumer Buying Behaviour with reference to footwear

Ms. Tina Murarka — Demonetization of High Denomination Currency Notes in India and its Impacts on Insurance Sector

Masud Ahmed — Economics of Cashew Cultivation and Processing: A Case Study on Majna and Tajpur villages, WB

Nandita Mohapatra — Working Capital Management a Trend in growth and sustainability of Indian Cement Companies: A Case Study

Dr. Debraj Datta, Premanjali Ghosh, Sucharita Baidya, Alolika Mukherjee and Payal Bagri — How could the books be sold in Kilos? Analysis of Unique Bookstore Business Model adopted by Book-Tuk, Kolkata

Dr. Debraj Datta, Soundarya Banerjee and Payel Das — Harness Business to Make the World a Better Place: The Social Entrepreneurship Case Study on ‘Amra Odbhuth – Kolkata’s first LGBTQ Café’

Prof. (Dr.) Trilochan Nayak — “Just Do It”@Ad Campaign: The Case of Nike, Inc.

Subrata Kumar Ray — Contribution on Sustainability Development by Business Enterprises used by central Govt.: A study of selected Central PSUs

Meenu Gupta — A Study on ‘CSR: Ensuring Sustainable Development of Business in India’

Dola Sarkar — Understanding of cognitive and affective state of the consumer in Impulse buying process – The retailer’s perspective

Kalachand Sain and Dr. Amitava Mondal — Sustainable Development Goals & Women Empowerment through MGNREGA: A Case Study

Dr. Garima Mathur, Dr. Richa Banerjee and Dr. Subeer Banerjee — Personality Types and Its Impact on Attitudinal Characteristics

Dr. Biswa Mohana Jena and Dr. Brundaban Sahu — Role of Corporat e Social Responsibility Activities in Rural Development: A Case Study of Mining Enterprises in Jajpur District

Dr. Debarun Chakraborty, Soumya Kanti Dhara and Adrinil Santra — Tourist Preferences at the Time of Choosing Rural Destination