Changing Business Scenario & Evolving Management Practices

As we stand at the juncture of this new millennium, business and industry stands on the sharp edge of double-sided sword. Change is engulfing us like never before; older paradigms are fast outfacing newer ones. Survival of the fittest has long become extinct, and survival of the most innovative is slowly giving way to an emerging paradigm ‘survival of the most adaptable’. At the business forefront, challenges are abound: boundaries between industries are falling leading to convergence, product life-cycles are increasingly becoming shorter, technologies are proliferating in a flat world, innovations disrupting existing industries and a lot more.

In this new era, the future will belong to those who can manage change seamlessly across boundaries. Keeping this underlying theme in mind, Research Seminar 2015 invited papers from academicians, researchers, industry practitioners to present their research findings on the evolving areas of Management in the light of the changing scenario.

The Seminar on ‘Changing Business Scenario & Evolving Management Practices’ aimed to build awareness on implementation of best practices in organizations. Research Seminar 2015 endeavored to create a wider reach and network between the industry and the academia. The Seminar provided a unique platform to an eclectic blend of young and experienced researchers from the academics and industry to present their research articles and case studies on the relevant issues of Management pertaining to diverse domains.

Aluru Venkata Chandrasekhara Rao — The Fast Evolving Role of HR as a Catalyst for Success in Knowledge Economy

Anindita Moitra — Exploring Gender Diversity in Boardroom of India Inc

Monirul Islam — Flying Robots – Drones Applications and Future Trends

Soumya Moy Maitra — A Case Study on Measuring Customer Satisfaction for the Non-Govt. MBA Colleges in the State of Jharkhand

Subir Sen and Sourav Mazumder — Asset Valuation: A Synthesis of Existing Literature

Moitreyee Paul, A. Dutta and P. Saha — Improving Organizational Effectiveness through Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: A Conceptual Review

J. K. Das and Sabari Ghosh — Stress Caused by Retrenchment and Attrition in Information Technology and Retail Sectors: A Critical Review based on Case Studies

Mahuya Dutta — Changing Business Scenario and Evolving Management Practices

P. Sathyanarayana Reddy and V. Balachandran — Evolving Corporate Compliance Management Systems and Practices in India and Abroad

P. Sathyanarayana Reddy and V. Balachandran — Corporate Governance in the Changing Business Scenario

Rajat Ghosh — A Study on Work-Life Balance of Employees in Pharmaceutical Industry with Special Reference to Kolkata City

Sandipan Chakraborty — A Comparative Study on the Consumption Behaviour of Modern Technology Lighting

Soumavo Ghosh — A Study on the Relationship of Employee Perception and HR Practices in Select Organizations in Kolkata

Tanmoy Ganguli — Risk Management for a Commercial Lending Portfolio using Time Series Forecasting and Small Data sets