e-Applicability of Research in Management Decision Making

Businesses today are becoming more complex, faster and less predictable. Environmental challenges have been a conspicuous and persistent driver of innovation in business organizations. The changing environmental challenges have forced many corporate behemoths to realign their business strategies, so that they suit the internal as well as the external environments. Innovation induced by environmental issues not only yields advantages from an ecological standpoint, but also from an economic and strategic point of view. Today’s workplace focuses on team-based collaborative work which has to be undertaken in a far more competitive environment than ever before.

In this background, Globsyn Business School (GBS) held a research seminar on ‘e-Applicability of Research in Management Decision-Making’. This Seminar tried to identify and understand the impact of the emerging business trends and evaluated how they may influence future growth opportunities of a business. It offered a platform for intellectual deliberations related to the various domains of management in an attempt to understand the business challenges from a contemporary global perspective, with a focus on the changing nature of work which is increasingly knowledge based, cognitively complex, time-pressurized and demands high technological competence. The Seminar aimed to build an industry-academia interface where scholars and practitioners may deliberate, and delivered the challenges and opportunities of a business at present and in the near future; and also formulated competitive strategies which may bring a positive change in the business scenario in the domestic and global markets.

Dr. J. K. Das and Sudipta Ghosh – An Investigation of Investment and Financing in Tourism: A Study of West Bengal

Dr. Pradipta Kumar Sanyal, Dr. (Prof.) Padma Gahan and Smarajit Sen Gupta – Random Walk Behaviour in Emerging Stock Markets: Parametric and Non-Parametric Approach

Sujit K. Ghosh – De-merger: Squeezing Fence for Skimming Value

Sankhajit Dutta – Perspectives of Ecological Behaviour and Attitude towards Sustainable Green Environment: An Empirical Analysis on Kolkata Citizens

Dr. Isita Lahiri and Humaira Siddika – Apparel Promotion: Pivoting Fashion Behaviour

Amitabha Ghose and Bibhas Chandra – Developing Green Consumption Behaviour Framework for Indian Durable Products Consumers: A Theoretical Framework

Dr. Basistha Chatterjee – Changing Trend in Contemporary Management Education: Problems and Prospects

Dhriti Das Deka and Bidhi Kashyap – Social Loafing: A Concern in Human Resource Management

Rajat Ghosh – Social Media: An Analysis of its Impact on Social and Personal Life among Gen-Y in India

Prasanjit Dasgupta and Upasna A. Agarwal – Intention of Nurses to Leave or Live in Same Hospital: A Qualitative Study in Private Hospitals

Pradipta Kumar Ghosh, Soni Yadav and Dr. Jaya Surjani – Employer Branding Initiatives and its Impact on Employee Market