Research Seminar 2023

Innovation and entrepreneurship have been defined variously which include suggestions of broad overlap as well contentions of nuanced differences. There is, however, no denying that innovative entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial innovation have been the vanguard of economic development and social progress from time immemorial. The development of Entrepreneurial as well as Entrepreneurial mind-set among the younger generations of management learners would be extremely beneficial in terms of being equipped with the appropriate mind-set for the corporate and the academia. This seminar focused on some aspects of this vast subject, which are of immediate relevance to academicians, practicing managers and management candidates and society members in general so that appropriate deliberations will lead to creation of human resource with an entrepreneurial mind-set. The term innovation refers to a process that comprises three stages: the conception of a new idea, its evaluation, and, finally, its practical implementation. Thus, innovation is an important element of modern entrepreneurship. Innovation management, namely, how a new idea is created, how and by what criteria it is assessed, or how it is financed, are a very tedious and demanding process, and a component element of effective entrepreneurship.

The theme for this year’s Research Seminar 2023 was ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’. This seminar was conceptualized to create an inclusive platform with corporate veterans, academicians, entrepreneurs and students, who deliberated and provided research-oriented findings. The seminar aimed at developing a platform for technocrats, management practitioners, policy makers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and academicians to deliberate on various issues & challenges for entrepreneurship development. The seminar came out with innovative models, which can be used as guiding principle for policy makers, financers, business organizations & budding entrepreneurs operating in national & international level.

The Research Seminar invited extended abstracts of empirical and conceptual research papers or case studies based on the following sub-themes:

  • Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
  • Innovations and Entrepreneurship
  • Quality, Process, Product and Technology
  • Resource mobilization and Entrepreneurship
  • Research & developments and Entrepreneurship
  • New startup, E-startup, Innovation and Digital Economy
  • Role of Science &Technology in Managing Enterprise
  • Green Technology in Entrepreneurship
  • Public Policy and Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Institution and Entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Rural Entrepreneurship,
  • Entrepreneurship Development and Education System
  • Role of Industry, Organizations, Civil Society, Social Media and NGOs in Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Development Education, Training, and Competence Building
  • Issues & Challenges for MSMEs
  • Technology, HR, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Governance: Issues, Laws, IPR, and Practice
  • Ethics in Entrepreneurship and Risk Management
  • Family owned Enterprise
  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Pedagogy and Entrepreneurship
  • Success stories of Entrepreneurs in India
  • Unconventional Business Models
  • Women Entrepreneurship
  • Intrapreneurship in Organizations
  • Any other topic relevant to seminar theme

The electronic version of the extended abstract was sent to

Acceptance of the abstract implied that at least one of the authors would attend the seminar and present the paper.

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