Technology in Management in the Age of Industry 4.0


Technology has been changing at a rapid pace ever since the onset of Industrialization. The effects of these changing cycles or ‘Industrial Revolutions’ have been felt not just on industry and business but also on everyday life. Today, the world has moved into the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or what is generally becoming known as the ‘Age of Industry 4.0’.

The ‘International Vision Seminar 2020’ on the theme ‘Technology in Management in the Age of Industry 4.0’, was on various emerging technologies that improve productivity and quality not only in manufacturing but across all business processes, in terms of opportunities and vulnerabilities.

The Seminar was divided into three main sessions of respective themes.

(i) Panorama (Universal Impact of Emerging Technologies on Management and Society) – To focus on the emerging technologies that impact across organizations and industries covering broad aspects of disruptive technologies and digitalization, including AI, augmented reality, Blockchain, IoT, multi-cloud computing 3D printing etc.

(ii) Propriety (Concerns and Challenges in Application of New Technologies) – To focus on the areas where questions arise about the negative aspects and appropriateness of technology (although it has been a vehicle for economic growth), in the context of larger social good; issues of cyber-security, genetic engineering, de-humanization of jobs, drug testing etc. and similar subjects fall in this category.

(iii) Performance (Impact of Technology on a Particular Industry in Productivity and Quality) – To focus on how specific industries or organizations, new or matured, have deployed and harnessed technologies in production, distribution, Meditech, Edutech, Fintech etc., for quantum gains.

Inaugural Session

Welcome Address: Mr. Bikram Dasgupta, Founder and Executive Chairman, Globsyn Group
Welcome Address: Dr. Sujata Mangaraj, President, Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS)
Inaugural Address: Dr. H.P. Kanoria, Founder Chairman & Managing Trustee, Kanoria Foundation
Keynote Address: Mr. Peeyush Gupta, VP Marketing & Sales, Tata Steel
Vote of Thanks: Mr. Rohit Srivastava, Dean, Globsyn Business School

Session I: Panorama (Universal Impact of Emerging Technologies on Management and Society)
Speakers : Prof. Shekhar Chowdhuri, former Director, IIM Calcutta; Prof. (Dr.) Mahendhiran S. Nair, Vice President (R&D) and Professor, Monash University (Malaysia); Mr. Debashish Bhattacharya, Deputy Director-General, Broadband India Forum; Mr. Manabu Iida (Japan), Senior Advisor of CSM Project; Prof. (Dr.) Sonjaya Gaur, New York University, USA ( via video)

Session II: Propriety (Concerns and Challenges in Application of New Technologies) 
Speakers: Dr. Debashis Saha; Professor Management Information Systems Group, IIM-Calcutta; Mr. Rahul Dasgupta, Trustee & Director, Globsyn Business School; Mr. Nirupam Chaudhuri, Regional Director (East), NASSCOM; Mr. Sandeep Sengupta, CISA, Certified Ethical Hacker & Lead Auditor; Mr. G. Chandra Mouleeswaran, Head – Strategic Learning Services, SAP Labs; Dr. Aditi Mitra, Sunway University (Malaysia)

Session III: Performance (Impact of Technology on a Particular Industry in Productivity and Quality) 
Speakers: Prof. (Dr.) Sankhayan Choudhury, Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Calcutta; Mr. Sameek Roychaudhuri, Senior VP & Head of Financial Crime Risk Analytics, HSBC Bank; Mr. Sandip Pradhan, Chief-IT, Exide Industries; Mr. Avelo Roy, MD, Kolkata Ventures; Mr. Shaerul H. Joarder, Executive Director-IT, Hameem Group, Bangladesh

Valedictory Session
Speakers: Shri Prodip Mukhopadhyay, Managing Director, WEBEL; Mr. Anand S. Rao, Global Head-AI & Partner, PwC, USA (via video); Dr. Harwindar Singh, Dean-School of Business, Malaysia University of Science & Technology, Malaysia
Moderator: Dr. Shamindra Nath Sanyal, Faculty, Globsyn Business School
Special Address: Prof. R.C. Bhattacharya, Vice Chairman, Globsyn Business School

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