GBS: One of the Best MBA Colleges in Kolkata 2024

best mba college in kolkata

There is a famous adage: “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.

While an MBA is not exactly something out of anyone’s comfort zone, it does stand apart from typical degree programmes. There are a few things that one needs to have in them to pursue this degree course, like the passion to learn something new, the perseverance to keep on practicing skills, and the courage to get introduced to new things and ideas, among a few things. These essential qualities find their ideal environment in a distinguished business school, where they can be nurtured and fully realized.

There is no shortage of good private MBA colleges in Kolkata, ranging from long-standing government-affiliated business schools to contemporary private colleges. This blog aims to emphasize one such institution that has garnered acclaim from students and businesses alike for its dedication and diligence since its inception: Globsyn Business School.

Best MBA Colleges in Kolkata 2024: What are They?

Nowadays, whenever we open newspapers or magazines, we see pages flooded with advertisements on top MBA colleges in Kolkata. Every business school claims to be the best. But are all of them the best? Well, of course NOT! Rather only a handful of business schools can be considered to be leading B-Schools of the country.

So what does it mean when we say “the best MBA college?” Let’s find out.

The adjective “best” is highly subjective. What is best for one person may not be the same for another. However, when we talk about the best MBA colleges, we refer to colleges or institutions that are regarded for providing high-quality MBA (Master of Business Administration) education and entire learning experience, as well as being AICTE-approved. The best MBA colleges are typically ranked among the top-tier institutions. These colleges are famous for many criteria, including top-notch infrastructure, industry-relevant curriculum, exceptional academics, industry connections, alumni accomplishment, internship opportunities, and strong placements.

Essentially, the best MBA institution is one that efficiently trains students for leadership roles in the corporate world through intense academic instruction, hands-on experiences, and networking opportunities that promote professional growth and success.

Globsyn Business School: An Introduction

Spread across 8 acres of land, and comprising innovation, Globsyn Business School has paved its way to become one of the best MBA colleges in Kolkata, and in Eastern India. The business school was founded in 2002 by Mr. Bikram Dasgupta, a prominent figure in the Indian IT sector. To keep ahead of the competition, GBS has consistently remained at the forefront of educational advancement through integrating technology and cutting-edge teaching methods into management education.

Globsyn believes in the credo, “Ordinary people can do extraordinary things”. GBS takes pride in its dedication to cultivating an environment of constant innovation and industry relevance. As one of India’s pioneering “Corporate B-Schools,” the business school is committed to developing a new generation of leaders with the skills, vision, and agility required to prosper in today’s ever-changing global business environment.

The B-School offers 3 postgraduate management courses– PGDM, and PGDM – Business Analytics, approved by AICTE, and an MBA (Global) programme in collaboration with the Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST). At GBS, education goes beyond the confines of traditional classrooms, providing students with immersive learning experiences that combine theory and practical application.

The B-School takes great pride in its 3500+ alumni, who have earned rich accolades for their achievements, and a large number of them are star performers within their organizations and are proudly carrying the GBS flag to all corners of the globe.

Globsyn Business School: One of the Top MBA colleges in Kolkata

Due to its continuous innovations, Globsyn Business School has made its name among the best MBA colleges in Kolkata accepting CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, and ATMA scores. But what makes this business school one of the best?

Let’s delve into the factors that define Globsyn Business School’s standing in the academic landscape.

Technology + Innovation

Did you know that Globsyn Business School stands on the edifice of innovation and technology? YES, you read it right. The business school knows how to embrace cutting-edge technological developments and infuse them into its curriculum.

The business school has created Hybrid Classrooms, which allow final-semester students to participate in classes from anywhere in the country. This technology also caters to students who have received placements but are unable to attend on-campus classes.

Additionally, there is the eGlobsyn Online Learning Management System, which combines cloud computing and web 2.0 applications to provide virtual access to study materials, faculty notes, presentations, pre- and post-study content, and other knowledge-driven components.

The Examination Platform is an addition to eGlobsyn that enables students to take online exams and quizzes as well as be ready for pre-study assignments.

Furthermore, GBS is one of the first AICTE-approved business schools in India to offer diplomas using a Secure Certification Platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

To incorporate the upcoming technological transition, GBS is planning to incorporate Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and other emerging technologies in its curriculum to offer more immersive and self-paced learning.

Ranking and Recognition

Ranking and recognition are important considerations when selecting an MBA college, and over the years, GBS has received many accolades from the industry & academia fraternity. A high rating demonstrates an institution’s dedication to offering high-quality education and upholding excellence. In this context, the B-School has been recognized as the ‘Institute of the Year – East‘ by ASSOCHAM at the 16th International Education Leadership & Skill Development Summit 2023. It has also been ranked 34th among the top 100+ selected MBA colleges in India (Private), as per IIRF 2024.

GBS Kolkata is an esteemed MBA institution in East India. It has always been at the forefront of management education in terms of providing excellent teaching, industry-relevant curriculum, and hands-on learning opportunities.

Seeing the Other Side

Simply encouraging high-achieving students to thrive does not automatically catapult an institution to the rank of being the best. The true measure of an institute’s excellence, however, is its capacity to extract extraordinary potential from apparently ordinary individuals.

This mission drives GBS to innovate its curriculum and teaching-learning methodologies constantly. The business school has always worked to assist students to become the best versions of themselves, both personally and professionally. Every GBS MBA student graduates as industry-relevant managers of the global corporate world, demonstrating the institution’s persistent commitment to helping them reach their full potential.

Corporate Connection

Globsyn Business School has connections with over 360 organizations around the world. GBS’s vast corporate connections have enabled them to not only place their students but also provide them with several opportunities to obtain practical experience. Partner firms continuously provide training, and give real-world work insights through programs like Summer Internship Program (SIP), Industry Visits, Industry Connect, and Corporate Connect.

In this light, it is worth noting that these partner firms actively participate in integrating GBS graduates into their organizations in different roles during the final placement session.

Aside from that, GBS’s extensive corporate connections enable students to create professional networks with industry experts, allowing them to stay up to date on industry trends and develop into knowledgeable individuals.

Accreditation & Collaboration

Accreditation plays an important part in determining the quality of a business school. In this regard, Globsyn Business School is approved by AICTE and collaborates with overseas universities. This institute’s MBA (Global) programme is conducted in collaboration with Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST). Aside from this, GBS collaborates with the University of Cape Coast, Nilai University, and several other institutions. It is also a member of AACSB International and the American Marketing Association, among other organizations.

Quality Education

In its aim of being a top-tier business school in Kolkata, GBS has constantly prioritized maintaining a high level of education without making any compromises. The college does this through its acclaimed professors, curriculum that is matched with business demands, and the incorporation of practical ideas into theoretical instruction. As a result, upon completion of the MBA programme, students emerge as skilled professionals capable of navigating the complexity of the real-world business environment.


GBS offers the National Scholarship Program (NSP) to help every student realize their dream of pursuing management education. The NSP acknowledges the achievements of students who succeed in both academic and non-academic fields.

GBS provides two types of scholarships through the NSP:

  • The Bikram Dasgupta Foundation Scholarship is for students from economically challenged backgrounds.
  • Outstanding Achievers Scholarship is for students who achieve distinction or achievement in sports, culture, and arts.

Aside from scholarships, GBS assists deserving students in obtaining financial aid from other organizations such as the State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Central Bank of India, and so on.


Faculty are the backbone of every educational institution. No institution can achieve its full potential unless its teachers are competent. GBS knows this; consequently, it prioritizes housing faculty members who are highly skilled and accomplished in their professions. They provide classroom lessons and encourage students to participate actively in practical activities, allowing them to apply their knowledge personally.


The alumni community is a significant indication of an educational institution’s quality and reputation since they frequently share positive word of mouth about their alma mater.

Globsyn Business School has a large alumni network, with over 3500 graduates working for 360+ organizations globally. These alumni maintain regular communication with GBS through innovative programs such as Globsyn Alumni Engage, which aims to interact with its alumni on a personal basis and involve them in all aspects of GBS operations.

The Globsyn Alumni Mentorship Program is one such program that puts alumni and current students together under one roof, where the former interact, guide, and nurture the latter to familiarize them with the facts of the corporate world.

Another effort, the Globsyn Alumni Academic Programme, allows all alumni to attend any one of the Core/Elective courses of the PGDM degree.

Real-Life Experience

Last but not least, GBS places a strong emphasis on giving each student practical experience. The institution mandates all students to engage in the Summer Internship Program (SIP), which gives them personal experience with diverse firms and their operational dynamics in real-world situations. Furthermore, GBS conducts Beyond Education activities such as Boardroom Simulation, Serendipity, and Corporate Connect sessions, amongst others, which expose students to the professional environment and prepare them for real-world business situations.


The reputation of an MBA college often hinges on its placement record. Students frequently gravitate toward MBA institutions with superior placement records.

In this regard, GBS stands tall among its competitors. The B-School has remained at the forefront of the placement curve by having an optimal placement record. Its extensive network of 360+ corporate partners worldwide facilitates placements in coveted positions for its students. Each year, GBS hosts over 100 corporate recruiters, which leads to students receiving lucrative job offers.

The Bottomline

Several factors work in favor of Globsyn Business School in positioning it as one of the MBA colleges in Kolkata. Undoubtedly, it offers one of the most esteemed and coveted MBA programs in Eastern India. For those seeking an MBA degree, Globsyn Business School in Kolkata stands out as the ideal destination.