Communication- A Key Skill to Enhance the Employability

In today’s world, the young generation who possess certain skills along with their excellence in education is acknowledged. The whole world is standing under a pause button due to the pandemic situation by COVID-19. Corporate organizations are currently looking for fresh blood with additional skills to enhance the economic condition and improve marketability.

Employability enhancement program

Employability describes the attributes of any person which makes him able to gain or maintain employment. An employability enhancement program is crafted to fill the gap between employees’ skills-set and the abilities that organizations are looking for. It is a vast area of discussion – domain-related skills, personality development, effective communication, work-life balance, skills development using technologies are significant aspects of employability. The employability enhancement program assists the undergraduate, graduate, diploma-holders, or postgraduate students to jump-start their career at any renowned institution or establish their business as an entrepreneur. Critical observation by different corporate sectors said that most of the aspirants lack specific skills that are required to fill up the vacant position in their organization. The employability enhancement program works on these areas to brighten-up the student’s future.

Communication is imperative in enhancing the employability

Communication plays the most vital role in the employability enhancement process. Employers are looking for candidates who can represent themselves professionally through verbal and non-verbal communication. The capability to communicate successfully and change your style appropriately is significant all through your working relations. Individuals become successful in establishing effective communication when people can understand what they are talking about or listen to and absorb their points. They can communicate with others through simple and clear terms. Communication not only indicates the effective use of verbal speeches but also emphasizes on building kinships between speaker and audience through non-verbal activities or body language. However, a deeper understanding of communication skills helps in better comprehension of facts that can optimize the employability. There are several reasons why communication is imperative in enhancing the employability and few of them are discussed below:

Helps in structuring goals

Communication indicates being clear and proficient about what you want to achieve. It is the influential power of any person through which he can generate interest among employers.

Promotes motivation

Communication plays a vital role in promoting motivation among employees. For instance, a person with well-spoken power is more confident than a person who lacks to explain his capabilities.

Helps in making vital decisions

Communication is considered as the source of information that helps any individual or group to make effective decisions regarding tasks or goals. For example, the decision-making team will rely on the employees who can elaborate on the facts and figures more confidently and efficiently.

Alters attitudes towards organizational functions

It also helps in altering the attitudes of any individual. It means a well-informed employee may have a better perspective on things than a less-informed employee.

Strengthens employees’ performances

Communication assists in various administrative processes and helps in controlling employees’ behaviour effectively. For instance, effective communication strengthens the policies of the organizations and employees’ performances that ultimately control the management functions.

Enhances the ability of effective interactions

Communication enhances the socialization, a vital aspect of employability enhancement. For instance, a person with better communication skills can easily socialize with his/her fellow employees that increase the possibilities of getting a better understanding of the job functions and opportunities.

In the management and human resource sector, communication skills are considered as the key eligibility criteria for selecting any candidate. People believe that the enrichment of communication skills is only possible by improving their spoken skills. However, this phenomenon is partially correct because there are several other factors also associated with the communication. Active listening is one of the most valuable parts of it. You can be a good speaker only when you can be an effective listener. Therefore, under the light of employability enhancement, it is essential to strengthening communication in a way to enrich aspirants for their better professional future.

What Globsyn Business School does in enhancing a student’s Employability Quotient

The Employability Enhancement and Placement Mentoring (EEPM) sessions at Globsyn Business School are designed to make students more employable and placement friendly, by equipping them with confidence to crack job interviews, meet challenges posed by recruiters in various elimination rounds and exhibit skills as expected by the recruiters. This, along with the unrelenting efforts at the macro and micro levels by the Corporate Relationship Program (CRP) Team – resulting in 360+ successful corporate relationships over the years – has been successful in providing meaningful, lucrative, career-defining jobs to 3000+ students.

Recently Globsyn Business School has also launched CRP Portal, a dedicated portal through which placements and corporate interactions are managed. With thousands of job opportunities available across multiple domains like Financial Services, Consulting, Education, FMCG, IT/ITES, Manufacturing/Paints, Ecommerce, Media, Hospitality, amongst others; the CRP Portal is helping GBS students find a career footing with these job opportunities.


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