Summer Internship Program and Its Necessity

Summer Internship Program and Its Necessity

Gaining industry experience has significant benefits whether you are in college or entering the workforce. Regardless of your current education level or desired career path, an internship can encourage your professional growth. Now the question is, what is ‘Summer Internship’?

Summer internships allow college students to get real-world work experience. These programs help students build their resumes and take the first step toward a successful career after graduation. However, students aren’t the only ones who benefit from internship programs. Companies that offer these programs get a first look at new talent (i.e., the interns) before they enter the workforce. Internship programs also benefit a company’s culture and its bottom line. It’s the kind of mutually beneficial relationship that makes for good business.

Summer internships are usually eight to twelve weeks long, and follow school semesters. Depending on when the student gets out of school, a summer internship usually starts in May or June and continues through August. The most common timeframe for summer internships is to begin right after Memorial Day and run through the first week of August. Internships grant you exposure to the inner workings of your chosen industry. They let you behind the scenes, and get a taste of the specific knowledge and everyday practices that every job requires. You get the benefit of seeing trained professionals complete tasks you might otherwise have only read about, and you’ll get a chance to try tasks out yourself—the extent to which you do will depend on your field.

Importance of Summer Internship Program

A summer Internship is important because it can present you with new skills and opportunities that you would not receive otherwise. Interns not only gain technical knowledge within the industry of their choice, but they also learn how to interact with professionals in a workplace setting, and develop essential soft skills like time management, organization, adaptability, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Following are the reasons why Summer Internships are important:

  • Tests industry knowledge 
  • Helps you figure out your interests
  • Creates new interests 
  • Connects you to industry professionals 
  • Allows you to learn in a safe environment 
  • Allows you to get paid and learn simultaneously 
  • Provides credit for a college degree
  • Opens avenues to attract more opportunities
  • Provides opportunities to learn about the industry
  • Teaches and trains about work-life balance

Benefits of Summer Internship Program in MBA

Summer Internships have long-lasting benefits for students or young would-be professionals. This is the experience and training that shapes the future. The summer internships are crucial because the stepping stones are laid during this time and a formal handholding to the professional life too occurs during this time. Often Business Schools play a pivotal part in doing all the needful to prepare the young minds with all the relevant skills to be industry-relevant. They provide apt opportunities to every student through their industry connections for making students aware of the industry knowledge and one of which is a proper Summer Internship.

So, if the question arises – “How Summer Internship Program is beneficial?” – the reasons are as follows:

Kick-Starts Your Career

Business Schools and colleges provide the resources needed to make every step of a student’s path to a career easier, so choosing where to get the degree is actually one of the first and most vital choices you’ll make in your professional life. Choosing the right school makes the next steps easier. B-Schools always deserve mention in this context, as they train young minds with the needed knowledge skills and exposures to make them industry-ready.

Beneficial for Career Development

Depending on your individual experience, an unpaid internship may be the first time in your life you find yourself working just for the sake of learning and doing a good job. You may be chosen through your B-School, or you can apply to an opening yourselves. While there exist paid internships however both paid and unpaid are done for academic credit, an internship program isn’t about money. The importance of internship experience comes from the skills one builds and the improvements he makes to his resume. It’s going to take more than a diploma or a degree, and a winning smile to convince employers to hire you. Internships are your way to show commitment to professionalism, self-improvement, and excellence. They are one of the most important factors in making yourself appealing in the job market.

A Door to Opportunity

Summer Internships are a great way to decide what you want from your professional life. One should certainly use internships to get a feel for whether a certain field is something that he can see himself doing for the rest of his life. While applying for and completing multiple internships is a smart strategy, one should still ensure you make the most of every internship, even if unsure of exactly what you want to do. That is because an internship is more than just a preview of a “real” job. A primary benefit of internship placement is that you can make a vital connection with a potential employer.

Internships Allow You to Gain A Competitive Edge

There is a certain amount of faith that goes into every hiring situation. It doesn’t always work out this way, but employers often have to choose between multiple candidates for a job who has just about the same credentials, equally impressive resumes, and may even come recommended by similarly impressive people. While there’s no easy secret to making yourself stand out, the Summer internship experience is a great start. It’s even more helpful if you have a specific place in mind where you want to work and you can target that company or firm for your internship. Most workplaces put a high value on hiring from within, and that often includes interns. Employers use internships to try out potential talent. Employers often look at two equal candidates, one with an internship with their company or industry will make a difference and win chances of being hired.

Beneficial to Companies as Well 

Internships for students through internship programs also give companies a chance to recruit new talent. A company can offer full-time employment to its best interns before they go out and look for jobs elsewhere. Interns and companies can mutually benefit, both positively contribute to the company’s culture. Inters bring fresh ideas, ask new questions, and help facilitate a culture of mentorship that can carry far beyond helping the interns.  

Summer Internship Program at Globsyn Business School

With a legacy of continuous innovation in management education for nearly two decades, Globsyn Business School (GBS) has uniquely positioned itself as India’s only ‘Corporate B-School’. The B-School’s Corporate Relationship Program (CRP) is manned by a dedicated team of highly motivated professionals supported by a nationwide forum of alumni and faculty. Over the years, GBS has successfully built relations with more than 360 corporates, who have not only recruited its students for Final Placement, but also for Summer Internship Program (SIP).

SIP at GBS is an integral part of the B-School’s curriculum. The 8-10 weeks SIP opportunity is extended to all first-year students of the school, which allows them to contribute their knowledge, and enhance their cognitive and interpersonal skills, whilst working with various national and multinational organizations across multiple sectors.

Every year, Globsyn Business School organizes the annual Globsyn Award for Excellence in SIP in order to appreciate the research acumen of the young managers of the B-School, and ascertain the desired level of performance in internships. On this occasion, an eminent panel of judges comprising of renowned corporate professionals, chooses the top 3 most promising projects ideas and confers certificates, citations and awards to the winners amidst encouragement and cheer from their fellow batch mates

Today, Summer Internship Program have become one of the key components that help shape management students into competent young managers. SIP helps these students experience real-life application of the knowledge acquired in classrooms, while working with corporate houses of international repute.