Ushering in Festival of Lights with Ummeed 2022


Editor’s Note
Rohini Majumdar, Director – Content Writing, Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum (KYLF) 2022-23, writes about her experience of celebrating Diwali with the frontline support staff of Globsyn Business School, where she along with fellow KYLF members organized a specially themed initiative named Ummeed, as a part of their ‘Care for Society’ activities under the Beyond Education, that ringed in the hope of better times through an engaging programme filled with fun, games, gifts, and scrumptious food.

The members of Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum as a part of their ‘Care for Society’ activities celebrated the contribution of the blue collared staff of the B-school. It was celebrated under the Beyond Education vertical of Globsyn Business School.

The themed initiative named ‘Ummeed’ personifies the oncoming of better times overcoming all obstacles. The event started in the evening and the board members of KYLF shared great enthusiasm and with high spirit the team invited the front-line support staff to commence the event.

hit-the-pot -activities-at-GBS-ummeed-2022

It gave me immense joy to discuss and plan the event with my fellow board members. I along with the team took great pleasure in executing an event of this grandeur.

The event had two different activities which included ‘Hit the Pot’ & ‘Hit the Stick’. There was an excitement present among everyone and enjoyed every bit of the event. The event concluded with a closing speech by our Principal Mr. Mahendra Pratap Singh, followed by the felicitation ceremony of the staff members by each of the faculties.


We took this as an opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude towards the frontline support staff for their tireless service all-round the year. As budding managers of Globsyn Business School – the best PGDM college in Kolkata – this gave an example of how important ‘Employee Engagement’ is in an organization. It also gave us an opportunity to empathize with the noble workers who take care of our daily health and sanity.

I look forward to planning and executing more such events in the future which not only broadens my knowledge but also gives me an opportunity to extend a helping hand for the bigger cause.

Rohini Majumdar
Director – Content Writing
Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum
Globsyn Business School
Batch 2021-23