All about MBA in Human Resource

All about MBA in Human Resource

Human Resource Management, or HRM, as the name suggests contributes to forming that essential component of the organization concerned with the recruitment and management of people who work for the organization. 

How is MBA in HR?

The study of Human Resource Management trains its students to balance and contribute towards the enriching environment of an organisation. MBA in Human Resource focuses on best practices in job analysis, recruiting, training and development. MBA in HR enables individuals to  examine human behaviour in organizations and best practices related to organizational behaviour. Specializations in Human Resource include course materials on organizational practice and theory, information system management, human resource management, and theory and employment law.

How to do MBA in HR? 

The eligibility for MBA in Human Resource Management requires an aspirant to have a Bachelor’s degree or any equivalent degree to apply for the course. They also need to register themselves for relevant MBA entrance exams like CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ IIFT/ NMAT/ SNAP/etc. Apart from these there are various institute specific entrance tests both for candidates with or without entrance scores. The scores mostly determine admission into the business schools. On the contrary, if one is willing to take up an MBA abroad, one needs to appear for the GMAT entrance test.

Advantages of Human Resource Management

Human resource managers form a vital part of an organization. It becomes the pivotal responsibility to contribute to the wellbeing of an organisation by improving the overall performance, and through promoting culture and work values. The key aspect of this area of study is acquiring and implementing knowledge along with the right appliance of psychology.  Human resource management teaches you to understand characteristics of people, their capabilities, their outputs and interaction in a particular organizational setup.  

Benefits of MBA in Human Resource Management 

  • Education in Human Resource enables one to choose any profession connected with managing people and building client relationships. This branch of discipline opens the door to almost all sectors of work.
  • This field of education provides ample opportunities to meet new people and diversify one’s communicational experience. HR provides the opportunity to meet new people, create valuable connections alongside work.
  • HR provides the opportunities to ideate and implement, that is, in decisions and strategy making of organizations. Taking part in decision making processes allow us to assist the company in the right path of company interests and profitability.
  • The HR personnel has a direct impact on organizations output, it is not just about ensuring the well being of the company or contribution towards the vision and motto. It also primarily includes enabling the company achieve higher goals.
  • This field of study is related to the operation of every department of a company, as a result one associated with the HR position is challenged to face different situations and contribute to the solution of it. This makes the job role of HR quite exciting.
  • The most important advantage of Human Resource Management is the prevalence of steady job opportunities. Almost all sectors of work be it IT, Finance, FMGC, PHARMA OR Media all require human resource management for their successful operations.

Career after MBA in Human Resource Management  

There are a wide range of opportunities for a Human Resource Management student:

HR Manager: The HR manager is in charge of the entire HR department, the role includes managing all employees, assigning work and ensuring all responsibilities are completed.

Training and Development Manager: New employees must be trained and old employees need to be developed, the training and development manager is in charge of crucial obligations. It is his responsibility to facilitate the smooth training and development of new and old employees.

Employee Relations Manager: This is a very crucial role. It mainly involves managing and maintaining relationships among employees, as well as with middle and senior management.   

HR Recruiter: The primary responsibility involves finding qualified personnel for the organization, cooperating with higher agencies, conducting interviews and assigning employee specific salary and benefit packages. 

HR Generalist: The role of the HR Generalist includes a wide range of responsibilities rather than working in a specific field. It involves all HR responsibilities and tasks.

Human Resource Management at Globsyn Business School

Globsyn Business School being one of the leading management institutes, and one of the leading business schools of the country operating on a hybrid model, is one of the best colleges for MBA in Human Resource Management. It offers an AICTE approved two years course in Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programme, with HR being one of the Schools of Excellence. Globsyn offers another best human resource management course, that is the Postgraduate Programme in Management in International Business (PGPM-IB), where HR also possess as one of the specializations that students can major in. This course has been designed with specialization in International Business in partnership with Malaysia University of Science and Technology.

Globsyn Business School offers an Experiential Learning based curriculum for students that enables them not just to become future pioneers with successful futures, but also teaches them to become responsible, compassionate and industry relevant managers of the 21st century corporate world.