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Consumerism is a shame of Marketing

The consumers of the 21st century have become more critical of the policies and practices of corporate houses in recent years than ever before. All over the world, the consumers are organizing themselves for the protection of their interests. The right to consumers to be protected for their interest in the market place is called ‘Consumerism’. It is a consumer movement against poor and fraudulent practices of marketers.

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Understanding the Brand Battlefield

Brand-fight is never a new phenomenon in the civilization of branding. From the time multiple brands existed in a single category, there have been tensions and palpitations as to who will take over the other or at least edge over the other. It is simply analogous to a car race. The fight for which car will speed over the other and by how much distance is, is akin to in the branding context, how brands will edge over the other brands in the same category and by what percentage of market share.

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