A Dash of Rainbow at ‘Tollygunge Homes’

In 2017, I embarked upon a new journey of my life along with my PGDM course a new ‘spectra’ which illuminated my life in a wonderful way.

I was elected as the President of Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum (KYLF) and here my thoughts, my energy was channelized in a meaningful way. Straight from college I was a regular 22 year old who enjoyed life like any other guy of his age, but slowly after my association with KYLF I found a sense of fulfillment and responsibility towards the society.

KYLF is a belief and concept where one learns to face reality with true human values. Their dear ones, loved ones have abandoned them during the sunset of their lives. At a time when they needed their family the most, the latter have left them at the gates of an ‘old age home’. Bruised, wounded from within these senior people are left alone plagued with unhappiness. They are old, have no one to turn to and no where to go.

We, as members of KYLF, feel lucky that it’s us who could go and give these people the human touch the warmth that they so deserve in the twilight of their lives. We nurse their wounded soul by celebrating their birthdays, attend to their bruised feelings by playing recreational games with them – just to see their eyes lighten up with joy.

Another aspect of being a member of KYLF is that we can venture into different arenas as part of our KYLF activities. We go and play with children who are leading lives inflicted with cancer. Shopping for these lesser fortunate people, who are the faceless entities gives me a chance to experience sublime bliss especially when the recipients express their heartfelt gratitude with warm hugs and endearing smiles.

All these activities have left a lasting impression, a positive impact in my heart and soul, and a difference in my attitude towards life in general. Adding some color to the lesser fortunates’ life and finding myself soaked in the hues of that rainbow is a great sense of fulfillment.

In conclusion, I would sum up by the words of the famous poet, Robert Frost,

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
I took the one less traveled by
And that had made all the difference”

Yes, to see their lips curve into a smile gives such an immense satisfaction that is beyond my deciphering abilities. This made me realize that being a KYLF member, during my days at Globsyn Business School, will always remain a golden chapter of my life constituting of significant which I will cherish forever.

Noel Datta
PGDM Batch – 07, Globsyn Business School

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