Training and Development with Focus on Competency Mapping

Training and Development at Globsyn Business SchoolTraining and Development is one of the key areas for any Human Resource Manager. A Corporate Connect Program, titled ‘Teaching, Learning and Way Forward’, was held at Globsyn Business School for HR School of Excellence students on this area on September 6, 2018. The talk was facilitated by the Talent Development Head of TCS, Mr. Sushanta Sinha, who happens to have over 25 years of experience in IT and IT enabled services. This program was attended by 45 HR students (Major and Minor students), along with faculties from the HR Department.

The entire seminar was designed to highlight upon the fact that when it comes to the ‘Learning and Development’ department of an organization, it is all about the learner. By this it was made clear that the training content and method should be learner-centric rather than oriented around teacher or organization. In this fast growing world of technology, it is no longer a classroom oriented training program which is valued by organizations. Rather, it has drastically shifted towards e-learning. However, if the e-Learning content is focused more on the organization’s needs instead of the employees’, then it runs the risk of being seen as a box-ticking exercise only and thereby, reduces learner engagement among the employees. Therefore, good training activities start with planning the course in such a way that every learner/employee feels engaged in it. Every learner in an organization is unique and the materials should be differentiated as much as possible to achieve the learning objectives.

Companies are usually going for creating game-based exercises through which tTraining and Development Training at Globsyn Business Schoolraining is imparted, in an online mode. The games that are designed have various levels of challenge built into them. This way, learners who find learning tasks easy have something more to sink their teeth into, while those who find it a bit difficult can still achieve their learning objectives by warming up through the easier rounds. By doing this, companies like TCS, ensure that the organization will increase engagement over a broader spectrum of its learners.

Overall, this session of Corporate Connect was a very interactive one, where both us and the faculties could engage in various discussions with the speaker, Mr. Sushanta Sinha.


Saswati Mukherjee & Debanjana Deb Biswas
PGDM Batch – 07
Globsyn Business School

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